EMMA 2.4 Release Notes

Below is a list of new, updated, and fixed features in EMMA Version 2.4, which became available on November 13, 2017.

Updated: Drag-and-Drop File Upload

Users can now drag-and-drop files from anywhere on their computer onto any row in Stores, People, or Grievances List Views to upload a document to that record.

When a user is uploading more than one file, EMMA will process up to three files simultaneously. All other files in the upload queue will wait to begin uploading. Here are some of the features of the uploading in EMMA:

  • EMMA will display a blue progress bar for each file that is currently uploading. The progress bar shows the name of the file and a link to the related record.
  • A green total progress bar at the top of the current upload progress bars indicates the progress of all uploads being processed.
  • You can click the magnifying glass on the total progress bar (green) to open a list of all files in the current upload (including complete, in progress, and waiting).

Dragging a file onto a person record in People List View.



Green progress bar represents the status of all uploads, while blue progress bars represent the current files being processed.



A list of all files in the current upload (including complete, in progress, and waiting).

New: Documents List View

Users can now more easily find Documents and Files using the global Documents List View. Admin users will see all Documents, while non-admin users will see only their Documents.


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